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Find out about young carers projects near you

We know that you may not live in Barnet, but there are young carers projects throughout the country.  They will provide a wide range of support for young carers.  Use the links below to find a young carers project in your area.

What we do…

Barnet Young Carers works hard to enable young carers to live the lives they want and to make sure that they have the opportunity to fulfill their potential.  We offer activities so that young carers will not miss out on things that their peers experience, just because of their caring role, we offer mentoring and emotional support and we offer educational support so that young carers in Barnet have a level playing field.

Our young carers team works with young carers from the age of 5 through to 18.  We also work with Young Adult Carers up to the age of 24 to help them in the transition to work or higher education.  Young carers provide essential support to their families – often at the sacrifice of their own lives.  They deserve our support.  They deserve the opportunities that are open to other young people.  That is why young carers projects exist throughout the country.


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