Know you rights

Did you know?

Did you know that there is special legislation in place that supports young carers and young adult carers?  It is called the Care Act (2015).  You can find more about it here, but in a nutshell, all that means is that your local council has a duty to make sure all types of young carers are offered the help they might need when looking after a sick or disabled family member.  Barnet Young Carers works with the council to make sure that happens.  We come face-to-face with different types of carers   everyday and do everything we can to make sure the right support is in place for them.

Here is how we do it

The first step is all about getting to know you a little

We have many members of our team, such as our Young Carers & Family Support Worker who will be able to arrange a meeting with you in a place where you feel comfortable – it could be at home, at school or college or somewhere in the community.  And if you are feeling  a little shy, that’s okay.  You’re very welcome to have a family member or favourite teacher present if that suits you better.  During this visit, you will then have a relaxed chat with one of our team who can better understand what you might need help with.  The chat can happen over a hot drink, or even while doing some drawing.  This is called a Young Carers Assessment, and it looks at

– Who you care for

– What you do to help the person you care for:
– What do you do to help the person you care for

– How the caring makes you feel

– How often you get out and about to see friends   and take part in  activities
– How you are getting on at school
– All of your favourite hobbies and interests