Barnet Young Carers

a space for all young carers in Barnet

About Us

Barnet Young Carers Team

We can help and support you in lots of ways.  We have tutors if you need help with school work, mentors if you want to talk to someone, activity hubs if you just want some fun.

What We Do

Support for all young carers

It does not matter what age you are, what school you go to, or why you are caring.  We are here for all young carers.  Get in touch with us directly or ask a teacher to contact us and we will arrange to visit you and your family to see how we can best help.  You are not alone.  There are thousands of young carers all over Barnet.

Barnet Young Carers runs regular tutoring and homework clubs to help you catch up with school work and to improve areas which might have suffered because of
the time you spend caring. Don’t let things get worse if you are struggling at school. Talk to us and see how we can help you.
Caring can be a juggling task. Between looking after a loved one; keeping up with studies and managing a social life – it can at times become too much. You might be feeling stressed; worried and alone. But you are not alone. Barnet Young Carers are here to offer you someone to talk to.
We understand that maybe getting out and about with friends isn’t always an option due to other priorities – but Barnet Young Carers will make sure you access a well-deserved break to have a bit of fun (we even have a minibus available to pick you up locally to ensure you don’t miss out!)

come join us

and see how we can help

Barnet Young Carers is here to help you.  We know that being a carer can be tough and sometimes you need help.  We can provide that help.  You are not alone – there are thousands of young carers in Barnet.

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