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Young Carers in Schools programme

It is vital that schools take a whole school approach to identifying and supporting young carers, and all school staff have the knowledge and confidence to identify and support pupils with caring responsibilities.


By taking part in the Young Carers in Schools programme, schools will be able to show that they are meeting the needs of a particularly vulnerable group of pupils (specifically mentioned in Ofsted’s Common Inspection Framework, 2015). Run jointly by Carers Trust and The Children’s Society, Barnet Young Carers team are working in partnership to promote the programme in Barnet.


The Young Carers in Schools Programme supports schools to adopt a whole school approach to identifying and supporting young carers, in which schools:

  • Have assigned members of staff for Young Carers so that a member of the schools’ governing body and senior leadership team has responsibility for leading and championing the school’s provision for young carers, and there is a clearly identifiable lead, responsible for day-to-day implementation
  • Give staff information they need to identify young carers
  • Promote positive images and information about disability, illness and young carers
  • Consult and listen to Young Carers, ensuring they have time and space to talk
  • Embed young carers in existing school systems, monitoring and tracking their attendance, attainment and wellbeing
  • Support and signpost young carers and their families

This commitment and capability is essential because:

One of the main reasons young carers say they do not access support is stigma. A positive whole school ethos where young carers and their families are respected and valued by pupils, staff and the wider school community is crucial to ensuring young carers and their families feel safe and confident to access support.

Many young carers are hidden. All school staff need to know how to identify young carers to ensure they do not slip through the net.

A pupil with caring responsibilities may self-identify to any member of staff whom they feel they can talk to and share their worries and concerns.

All staff need to be aware of the school’s process for sharing information about a young carer. This will help ensure that information is only shared with the appropriate consent and with a view to guaranteeing that a pupil does not have to repeat their story several times.



Schools can find out more about the Young Carers in Schools Programme, get involved and get resources to support Young Carers by visiting


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